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After separation from South Sudan, the Republic of Sudan is the largest country in Africa, so it is no wonder that there are many interesting things to see and do there. An African country plagued by military conflict and violence: Sudan on the road to democracy has many beautiful things to discover. Don't be surprised to hear that someone uses their holidays to fight their way through a trip to the Sudanese capital Khartoum or the capital Juba.

One of the best places to explore the beautiful Red Sea coast is Khartoum, where the largest airport in the world is located, the International Airport. Sudan is also worth a visit, because it offers beautiful beaches, hospitable locals and good food and drink.

If you are in Khartoum for only 24 hours, you cannot see everything, but if you plan a little bit, you will not be disappointed. The Sudanese will laugh at you if you tell him that you want to see "Khartoum" one day. If we plan it a little bit, then a day trip to KhARTOUm is enough to see everything. Watch the rivers of exceptional beauty, which will certainly be a great experience on your tour to Khartoum.

When you go on a tour to Khartoum, you can be sure that you will have high expectations and fully enjoy your time in KhARTOUm.

For travelers with leisurely travel times, combining Sudan with a visit to its northern neighbor Egypt is a great option. If you are in Sudan for a week, you can visit the Sudan National Museum to see the artifacts of Sudanese archaeological history, cross the Tuti Bridge and explore the islands, and you do not even have to walk more than 5 minutes down the street. Those who travel from the USA to Egypt should start their few days in Khartoum by heading north to the Meroe Pyramids and staying overnight in the Meroe Tented Camp. I guess the two-hour flight north hurts, but if you're travelling through Egypt you'll probably see the pyramid at the end of the day, so guess what?

If you manage to get there, the temple is one of the most beautiful in Sudan and it is only a few minutes away from the Meroe Pyramids.

This is one of the best preserved sites in Sudan, meaning that you share it with a handful of other tourists. It is a spectacular sight that can rival the pyramids in Egypt, but if you come from Sudan, you will get more pyramid bang for your buck. You can visit the site for free in Meroe Pyramids National Park, just minutes from the temple.

This museum is located in an area of Khartoum called Auguram, near the place where the Blue Nile meets the White Nile. It is located on the west bank of the Nile and is one of the best preserved temples in Sudan and the only one in the country.

For the inhabitants of Khartoum this is a special visit, as they have a beautiful view of the city and a great view over the Nile. Visit these sights during your stay in Khartoum and get to know the religious side of Khartoum.

The Blue Nile starts at Lake Tana in Ethiopia and flows north into the White Nile, which is longer and flows through Central Africa. The river crosses South Sudan, where it is known as Bahr al-Jabal, before finally entering Sudan south of Rabak. Here the North African country borders the Red Sea. Get to know the old Sudan and get to know the Kushite era of the country, which took place in Nubia, Sudan or Egypt.

Omdurman feels completely different from the other parts of Khartoum and is known as the largest market in Sudan, if not Africa.

It is not an industrial or railway city, but many travellers pass through it without doing too much. If you want to travel independently, some of my friends who do backpacking in Sudan have said that bus trips to major cities are relatively easy and convenient. For more details on the cost of a trip to Sudan, see: How much does the Sudan backpack cost? With our Sudan travel guide we hope to inspire more people to visit Sudan and discover its secret destinations.

Now that you have a general feeling for traveling in Sudan, we come to the things to do, there is not much to choose from. Bradt's Sudan Travel Guide 2012 is a great guide to understand the main attractions and learn about the country's history. After sharing # travel tips and ideas for structuring your trip, we return to some of the most popular things you can do during a trip to Sudan in the coming weeks. Don't forget what you can and can do and what places to visit in Sudan.

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More About Khartoum