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According to a new report by the International Hotel and Lodging Association (IHLA), the hospitality market is showing positive developments despite geopolitical challenges.

Domestic and outbound tourism to the Middle East is growing and benefiting from a growing number of flights and connections. Borg said that overall, more operators are starting operations in Sudan, benefiting the hotel industry. He said Sudan's government had promised to boost the country's tourism industry, while air traffic had grown enormously in recent years. Voivenel agreed: The number of AFG members entering the GCC countries is increasing, and entry into Sudan's capital, Khartoum, is booming.

For example, the direct flights between Doha and Marrakech, launched in July, would definitely help to develop the business in the Middle East, Pignol added. Subscribe to our YouTube page and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest travel and tourism news from around the world.

Voivenel acknowledged that there are global and regional economic and political factors that could have a challenging impact on the business in 2016. One of the biggest challenges and obstacles for hotel companies in Africa is a fragmented continent, which in turn means dozens of different legal systems and languages.

Morocco, which knows its culture and history, has perhaps been more fortunate in attracting tourists to the country. But Moroccan residents are also looking for a luxurious weekend getaway before they head to Morocco. According to trends, more and more Moroccan guests are looking for enriching experiences that go beyond pure luxury five-star hotel stays, says Murillo. Borg went on to say that one emerging market in Africa and one of the most popular destinations for foreign travelers is Sudan, where they come to engage in adventurous activities. The hotel offers a wide range of visitors from all over the world, from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Voivenel says North Africa offers great opportunities with a growing middle class, improved infrastructure and facilities, and a vibrant tourism industry.

The key is to diversify our business sources and enable hoteliers to explore new markets such as the Middle East and North Africa, "he says. Murillo emphasizes that the country is one of the most sought after - after international destinations in the region. There is an opportunity to take advantage of the development of our aviation industry and to capitalise on this new market by diversifying sources.

We invest in and focus on - we train to make sure we stay at the top of the industry and invest massively in our infrastructure, like our airport and our airfield.

The franchisor's training team for hotel operations offers a comprehensive training programme for hotel management and operating staff in the hotel industry. All participants must complete all components satisfactorily, including a diagnostic assessment related to hotel operations, management, operations and customer service. All employees employed in a hotel in a position designated for training by the franchisee must take part in the training, as well as any other training programme that the franchisee may require.

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