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The extravagance on display in the opulent setting of the works of Sudanese diplomats and their contacts is a perfect example of the root cause of the crisis facing the people of Sudan. The allegations in the Sudanese Embassy showed a complete lack of respect for human rights and dignity by holding such a lavish event in one of the city's poshest hotels. Sudanese diplomats gathered Tuesday at a luxury hotel in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, for a ceremony marking the one-year anniversary of President Omar al-Bashir's election victory.

Sudanese diplomats who use public funds to celebrate their country's national holiday in this style are mired in Sudan's worst economic crisis since President Omar al-Bashir came to power in 1989. The country is experiencing capital flight and extreme hyperinflation, the second largest after Venezuela, and the value of its currency is falling. Sudan's elite is all about itself - enrichment, while its own security forces have shed innocent blood thousands of miles away.

Sudanese security forces continue to use live ammunition to subdue crowds across the country, as many human rights organizations have reported. Tens of thousands of demonstrators have continued to take to the streets in Khartoum and elsewhere in the country to demonstrate and demand the resignation of the president.

The US administration immediately suspends all ongoing talks to normalize relations with Sudan and removes it from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. The State Department has revoked Mr. Atta's diplomatic visa and we again recommend that the United States expel him.

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Despite the size of the hotel, visitors often mention how the friendly and attentive staff feel like they are in a larger family.

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